Dubai dating scene

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The invaluable Dubai Time Out site has a Community page, which keeps track, week by week, of what the numerous special interest groups are doing in Dubai.Go to any of the events listed and you certainly won’t be alone.

Without a doubt, we all feel most comfortable with people who share, however broadly, our own national and cultural heritages.

…Or maybe you don’t want the high-roller lifestyle, but something more “normal,” even though you’re thousands of miles or kilometres away from wherever home is.

How, as an expatriate, do you forge a new network of friends and acquaintances to provide the social contacts you need to perform your work in an effective and productive way? Whatever is bugging that person, it’s not your concern. Accept whatever kindnesses and invitations are on offer, because in the coming weeks and months, you will pass through the various stages of that disconcerting feeing of alienation known as culture shock (in the case of Dubai and the UAE, you can prepare yourself in advance by reading this.) Workmates and colleagues can be very helpful in passing on all those vital tips to settling into your new home: practical stuff like “do this, but don’t do that,” “it says you need this but actually, you don’t,” and the like.

Will you make friends and possibly start relationships? It’s a reverse of the old Kodak promise; in this case, we provide the people, you do the rest.

Here are a few I have some personal experience with: The Dubai Natural History Group – A long-standing UAE institution.

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So long as language isn’t a barrier, it really isn’t much more complicated including other nationalities in the social mix.

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