Free senior women looking for sex chatrooms

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Free senior women looking for sex chatrooms

I was 32 years old before I was able to give in to the urges I had been having for 10-15 years to try it.I see I wasted a lot of good times and hardons by just jacking-off when I could have been sucking and getting sucked off.I love to spend an hour or more licking and sucking, teasing and stroking, getting him close to cumming and then backing off. Sucking his cock is so sexy and enjoyable that after I swallow his huge load of hot cum I am as sexually satisfied as he is...a while. My favorite fantasy is about me sucking his cock and him cumming all over my face.I would suck his cock several times a day if he would let me. Do you think he would mind if I sucked his cock right now? Sucking another man's cock is not like anything else. Possible friend- cocksucking relationship wit right guy. A 60 year old str8 man who would like to experience the feeling of sucking a man's cock, licking their balls, for the first time.I'm married but I love sucking cock and getting my cock sucked at least twice a month.I think a man knows how the cock and balls should be sucked and treated for maximum pleasure.I would be interested in discussing a possible meeting.

I think once you get the pleasurable taste of a hard cock in your mouth your hooked. I have a few fantasies I will share only after I get to know and trust you better-some are definitely out there. I'm married but I love sucking cock and getting my cock sucked at least twice a month. Your cock size does not matter, so if you are long in length I could prob throat you. and also lives near me, near Syracuse , with 100 miles or so. she's wanting to teach me some of the finer points of sucking cock, and she is a master!!!For example, i've always wanted to be able to suck my own cock but can't, so when sucking another guy off I fantasize about it being my cock. Before we were ever married my wife and I talked about a lot of the experiences we both had up to that point.I love to take cum in my mouth and taste the differences, yes, cum does taste different mam to man. She said she would always want to enjoy more than one man and she has that freedom but tells me everything.

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talk soon5/8/9/10/16 ages for the following....sucking cock, sucking pussy,sucking lots of cock, being fucked by men, having my first fuck with a woman....very nice...btw, still love doing all that at my age, just dont get many volunteers any more...must think old is cold....:(I’ve been sucking cock behind my girlfriends back for over 30 years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big cock in some filthy public toilets. I had a prostitute show me the art of sucking a mans cock and she was the best at it.

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