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Failing to achieve the commercial success that they hoped, they adapted the engines for agricultural and industrial use. Around 1903 cheap American imports, including the "Jack of all Trades" manufactured by the Fairbanks Morse Company, threatened the English stationary engine industry, and unlike most companies at the time Petter decided to produce a cheaper engine of their own to combat the threat.

In 1902 they produced the first agricultural tractor, powered by a 30-horsepower (22 k W) horizontal oil engine. This engine was called the Petter Handyman which was sold around 20% lower in price than the 'Petter Standard' and was sold in batches of 50 or more.

While rural contraptions in work used for casual heavy transport in Indian Punjab are known as "Peter Rehras" after the brand of engine that gained popularity there in days gone by.

The links below demonstrate the engine serial number patterns used by Lister and Lister-Petter from 1930 to 2000.

Its workforce of 500 men produced 1500 engines a year.Petter also manufactured the two-stroke M-type (petrol), the S-type stationary diesel, the A-type, and the A1-type, the only noticeable difference on the previous two being the position of the magneto: the A magneto jutted out, and the A1 magneto was tucked away underneath. Petter also produced another 'handyman, a 'cheap' version of the M-type.Petter went on to make a comprehensive range of air-cooled diesels, such as the PAZ1, AVA range, and the 3.5 hp AA1.The engine starts in ten minutes and runs, we are told, without attention.' The larger road wheels of the vehicle were 42 in (1.07 m.) in diameter.The twins continued to develop vehicles, the twelfth of which they entered to a competition at Crystal Palace in 1897, without success.

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Petter air cooled and petrol/vapourising oil engine instructions and spare parts list for the A type series 2 engines dated 1946 to 1951 covers engines in the 400,000 to 599,999 serial number range, 1.5 to 10HP including twin cylinder versions. A lovely detailed reprint of the operation and care of Petter petrol and petrol/vaporising oil engines, types A1 and A2 (air cooled), W1 and W2 (water cooled) dated 1951 onwards from serial number 1,500,000 1 to 3HP, 24 pages.

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