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It takes four AA batteries and power-on is achieved when you gently pull the lens casing outwards, push it back in and it's off - all the operation is satisfyingly car-door simple.

The shutter button is on the front beneath the flash - which fires with each shot taken, like it or not.

, and it's an undeniable little thrill to see and hear the print pop up.

It may not be the classic fat square of old, which is a small disappointment; but by gum it's an instant photographic print (still with room for a caption at the bottom - although my biro doesn't seem to like it), and for a moment it feels like the unwieldy, impractical, expensive future.

By early 1972, Kodak had settled on a particular embodiment that was called the Lanyard Camera.

By this point, it was referred to in the media as the "most highly publicized camera ever made." To trumpet the retail launch of his "dream" system, Land orchestrated another of what had become his trademark big and dramatic events, gathering 1,200 camera dealers at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

You realise pretty quickly that this is a different way of taking pictures to the one you're used to.

Frame your shot as best you can without your usual digital crutch, press the button and lo and behold, with a familiar whirring whine, a rectangular white-framed print emerges.

Review The news that Polaroid has a new instant camera, after we thought it was done with all that frivolity, is likely to be greeted with squeals of nostalgic joy.

While digital is superior in almost every sense there's a real warmth about those 80s prints that we remember adorning fridges and noticeboards.

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